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    Visiting Aqualandia in Benidorm

    Discover a captivating oasis of aquatic fun nestled in the vibrant city of Benidorm, Spain. Aqualandia has established itself as one of the premier water parks in Europe, drawing in visitors from near and far with its thrilling rides, refreshing pools, and an array of unforgettable experiences.

    All Your Aqualandia Ticket Options


    Aqualandia Tickets

    • Flexible Exploration: With your Aqualandia ticket, embrace the freedom to explore the park at your own pace.
    • Relaxation and Leisure: While Aqualandia is known for its exhilarating rides, it also offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and leisure.
    • Thrilling Rides and Waterslides: Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with Aqualandia's thrilling rides and waterslides.

    Skip The Line Tickets

    • Convenience: Book your hassle-free Aqualandia tickets and bypass long queues. Head straight to the thrilling rides and refreshing pools.
    • Quick and Easy Booking: Secure your Skip-the-line Aqualandia tickets with ease. Enjoy mobile tickets and instant confirmation for a seamless experience.
    • Mobile Tickets and Instant Confirmation: Receive instant confirmation and have all the necessary details readily available.

    Combo Tickets

    • Enhance your experience: Elevate your visit to Aqualandia by choosing Combo Tickets, which offer a variety of additional experiences to enhance your day.
    • Convenient and Seamless Booking: Booking your Aqualandia Combo Tickets is effortless and convenient.
    • Customize Your Adventure: With Aqualandia Combo Tickets, you have the opportunity to design your own adventure.

    What Is The Best Way To Buy Aqualandia Tickets? Book Online

    When it comes to purchasing Aqualandia tickets, booking online is undoubtedly the best and most convenient option. Here's why:

    • Advance Booking: By booking Aqualandia tickets in advance, you can guarantee your entry to the park, ensuring that your spot is secured, especially during peak seasons or busy periods. This allows you to plan your visit with confidence and eliminates the risk of availability issues, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.
    •  Easy and Convenient: Booking Aqualandia tickets online provides a hassle-free and convenient experience. With just a few clicks, you can secure your tickets from the comfort of your own home or while on the go. No need to stand in long queues or worry about availability. It's a simple and efficient process that saves you time and effort.
    • Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Booking Aqualandia tickets online often comes with the advantage of exclusive offers and discounts. You may find special promotions or package deals that provide extra value for your money. Take advantage of these online-exclusive discounts and make your visit to Aqualandia even more affordable and enjoyable.

    Aqualandia Attractions


    Thrilling Water Slides

    Aqualandia is renowned for its wide selection of thrilling water slides that cater to all levels of adventure seekers. From steep drops to twisting tunnels, these slides provide an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you exhilarated and wanting more.


    Wave Pools

    Take a break from the excitement and cool off in Aqualandia's wave pools. These pools create the perfect environment to relax, swim, or simply enjoy the gentle ebb and flow of the waves.


    Splash and Play Areas

    Designed especially for your children, Aqualandia features splash and play areas that are both safe and entertaining. Children can enjoy interactive water features, shallow pools, and age-appropriate slides, ensuring a fun-filled day for the whole family.


    Adventure River

    Embark on a relaxing journey along the Adventure River, where you can float lazily along the meandering course, taking in the scenic views of the park. This leisurely attraction allows you to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.


    Black Hole

    Enter the dark and mysterious Black Hole slide, where you'll twist and turn through a series of bends in complete darkness. This slide offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience as you navigate the twists without knowing what lies ahead.


    Mini Water Park

    Designed specifically for the little ones, Aqualandia's mini water park features mini slides, splash zones, and shallow pools, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for young children to splash and play.

    Plan Your Visit to Aqualandia

    Getting There
    Food and Drinks
    Nearby Attractions

    The timings of Aqualandia may vary depending on the season and specific dates. It's always best to check the official website or contact Aqualandia directly for the most up-to-date information. However, as a general guideline, Aqualandia typically operates during the following hours:

    • Opening hours: Aqualandia usually opens in the morning at 10:00 AM.
    • Closing hours: Aqualandia typically closes in the evening at 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM.
    • Last entry: An hour before closing 

    The opening and closing hours of the park and the attractions may vary for technical, operational reasons or due to unsuitable weather conditions.


    Address: Sierra Helada Natural Park 03503 - Benidorm, Alicante (Spain)

    Find it on Maps 

    • By Train: The Closest Train Station is Benidorm Station 
    • By Bus: The nearest bus stop is Aqualandia - Mundomar" in Benidorm.  Take Bus Route L1. This bus line is designed to connect Aqualandia and Mundomar, making it convenient for visitors to travel between the two attractions.
    • By Car: The nearest airport is Alicante-Elche Airport . It is located approximately 58 kilometers (36 miles) south of Benidorm, where Aqualandia is situated. 
    • Free Parking
    • First aid kits 
    • Doctor and healthcare personnel available 
    • Souvenir Shops
    • Food and Beverage Outlets
    • Locker Rentals
    • Restrooms and Changing Rooms
    • Snack Bar: Enjoy café-style service and delicious sandwiches for a quick and convenient meal.
    • Pizza Stall: Indulge in freshly made pizzas, a popular choice among visitors.
    • Hamburger Restaurant: Savor hamburgers, a classic favorite, for a satisfying meal.
    • Self-Service Area: Choose from a variety of rice dishes, assorted meals, and snacks for a filling dining experience.
    • Sweets Stall: Treat your sweet tooth to waffles, crepes, hot chocolate, and other delectable snacks.
    • Picnic Area and Barbecue Zone: Bring your own food and dine in the dedicated picnic area or barbecue zone.
    • Café: Quench your thirst with soft drinks, slushies, or cold water available from the café.
    • Bring your own food: The park has picnic areas, so you can enjoy your own food as long as the containers are not glass, for safety reasons.
    • Mundomar: Located adjacent to Aqualandia, Mundomar is a marine animal park where you can observe and interact with a variety of marine species, including dolphins, sea lions, penguins, a great place for children to learn about marine conservation.
    • Terra Mitica: A theme park inspired by ancient civilizations, Terra Mitica offers thrilling rides, live shows, and themed areas based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Iberian cultures. It's a great option for families and adventure enthusiasts.
    • Benidorm Palace: Known for its spectacular entertainment shows, Benidorm Palace offers a memorable night out with live music, dance performances, and a glamorous ambiance.
    • Sierra Helada Natural Park: Situated near Benidorm, Sierra Helada Natural Park is a protected area with scenic hiking trails, cliffs, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It's an excellent choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Visitor Tips 

    • Plan Your Visit: Before your trip, check the opening hours, especially if you have a specific time frame in mind. Arriving early can help you maximize your time at the park and enjoy popular attractions with shorter queues.
    • Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable swimwear and bring towels, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. Don't forget to bring appropriate footwear, such as water shoes or flip-flops, as some areas might have slippery surfaces.
    • Stay Hydrated: It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially in a water park. Carry a refillable water bottle and take advantage of the drinking water fountains available in the park.
    • Use Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen generously and regularly to protect your skin from the sun's rays. Consider wearing a hat, sunglasses, and lightweight clothing for additional protection.
    • Follow Safety Guidelines: Pay attention to safety instructions and guidelines provided by the park staff. Follow height and age restrictions for rides and attractions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself and others.
    • Plan Your Meals: Aqualandia offers a variety of dining options, but it's a good idea to plan your meals in advance. Consider the timings and locations of food outlets to avoid long queues during peak hours.
    • Take Breaks and Rest: Pace yourself throughout the day and take regular breaks to rest and recharge. Aqualandia provides shaded areas and seating where you can relax and take a break from the excitement.
    • Secure Your Belongings: Utilize locker rentals to secure your belongings while enjoying the attractions. This ensures the safety of your valuables and allows you to move freely without worrying about them.
    • Stay Together: If visiting with a group or family, establish a meeting point in case anyone gets separated. Keep an eye on children at all times and ensure they understand basic safety rules within the park.
    • Enjoy the Whole Park: While the water attractions may be the main highlight, don't miss out on exploring other areas of the park, such as relaxation zones or scenic spots. Take time to appreciate the overall experience Aqualandia has to offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Aqualandia

    Where can I purchase Aqualandia tickets?

    You can buy Aqualandia tickets at the counter or online. Book your Aqualandia tickets online for a hassle-free experience.

    Where can I buy cheap Aqualandia tickets?

    You can buy tickets for the Aqualandia at a reduced price online. Make use of the discounts available and get priority access with skip-the-line tickets

    What is the best way to buy Aqualandia tickets?

    Buying online is the best option for Aqualandia tickets as it is extremely convenient, allows you to skip queues, and ensures you secure your spot in advance.

    Is Aqualandia worth visiting?

    Aqualandia is definitely worth visiting for a fun-filled day of water park enjoyment and thrilling attractions.

    Can I carry food and drinks inside Aqualandia?

    Yes you can, as long as it's not in a can or glass container.

    How long should I spend at Aqualandia?

    The amount of time you should spend at Aqualandia depends on your preferences and how much you want to explore and experience the park. A full day is usually recommended to enjoy the various attractions and make the most of your visit.

    What is Aqualandia?

    Aqualandia is a water park in Benidorm that offers a variety of thrilling water slides, pools, and attractions for visitors of all ages.

    Where is Aqualandia located?

    Sierra Helada Natural Park 03503 - Benidorm, Alicante (Spain)

    Are there lockers and storage facilities available at Aqualandia?

    Yes, Aqualandia provides lockers and storage facilities for visitors to securely store their belongings while enjoying the park's attractions.

    Can I get first aid at Aqualandia?

    Yes, Aqualandia has first aid facilities available within the park to provide medical assistance if needed